Home Based Business Advice – Advice for Your Home Business From 24 Years of Network Marketing!

Are you looking for genuine home based business advice that will actually help you succeed faster?It’s hard to get believe me.But today I want to help you by giving you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my 24 plus years.Home Based Business Advice You Can Use…Running a home based business certainly isn’t as easy as many will have you think it is. Unfortunately most people trying to recruit you into their business will tell you just about anything in order to make you join.What they don’t realize that they’re doing not only you, but themselves a huge disservice by doing that. It brings you into the business under false pretenses, and simply makes their job harder trying to get the person they recruited into the opportunity to actually succeed, much less stay with the business when they learn the truth.That’s why I like to spell things out right off the bat. I actually give home based business advice before I bring someone into the business, so they know what they’re getting into.Here is some of what you need to know…#1 This Is a Real Business, and Must Be Treated As Such… If you’re looking for a new hobby to keep you occupied when you feel like it, then don’t even bother. The best home business advice you could possibly here is that you have to treat this like the real business that it is.Some people get confused because the entry price of the network marketing business is so low compared to a regular offline business, but the fact is that the income that you can generate is the same, if not greater than a regular offline business.The fact is that people like me, and my wife Ann Feinstein are professionals who take the business very seriously and get serious reward, so it’s very frustrating when someone joins and we find out that they’re not as serious as we were. Understandable right?#2 This is Not Get Rich Quick… To be totally honest, it may not be get rich at all. It depends solely on how serious you take it, and how dedicated you are to running your business, and how well you learn the fundamentals of marketing your business.Get rich quick exists only in fantasies, the lottery, and casinos. The second two aren’t something that you want to count on, and the first is something you should avoid all together. Take this home based business advice seriously and get into this for the long hull if at all…#3 Learn from Experienced Home Business Mentors Who Can Propel You to Success Faster… There’s always a way to do something (like a home business) to get slow results, or FAST results! My guess is that you would rather have FAST results correct?If so, then a great piece of home based business advice is to find mentors who can show you what they’ve done to succeed in the network marketing business. The greatest thing that makes this business unique is that companies actually pay people to mentor you, just like they’ll pay you to mentor your organization once it starts growing.Take advantage of that by finding the RIGHT people who have the experience and more importantly the systems that can have you seeing success.So there you have it. 3 hugely important pieces of home based business advice that you can take to the bank!

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